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Cast of Characters


David "Gabe" Watson
Pleaded manslaughter for the death of his wife, Tina Watson
Tina Watson
Died October 22, 2003, scuba diving on her honeymoon with
Gabe Watson in Australia
Tommy Thomas
Tina's father
Cindy Thomas
Tina's mother
Alanda Thomas
Tina's sister
Harvey Walters
Tina's parents' attorney
Sonja Jordan
Witness, friend of Tina's who testified about life insurance
Amanda Phillips
Witness, Tina's best friend
Kim Lewis
Married Gabe Watson in 2008
Thomas Jackson
Witness, Scuba instructor for both Gabe Watson and Tina Watson
Craig Cleckler
Witness, assistant scuba instructor for Tina's scuba certification
Michael Moore
Witness, Gabe Watson's scuba diving buddy and childhood friend,
trained along side Gabe Watson.
Ken Snyder
Witness, diver on the Spoilsport boat
Doug Milsap
Witness, diver on the Spoilsport boat
Gavin Docking
Witness, Captain of the SpoilSport at the time of incident
Wade Singleton
Witness, dive instructor from Spoilsport who recovered Tina
Craig Steven
Witness, employee with Spoilsport who flew in to spend the night
with Watson the night of Tina's death
Uzi Barnai
Paramedic who worked on Tina for 40 minutes
Dr. Stanley Stutz
Key eye witness to Gabe Waton's contact (bear-hug) with Tina
underwater and events during crucial timeframe
Gary Stempler
Diver who took photograph of Tina on bottom, his wife (Dawn Osana) in the
foreground and dive instructor, Wade Singleton swimming towards Tina
Brendan Campbell
Australia's lead prosecutor for Watson case, accepted plea deal
Tony Moynihan
DPP attorney, agrees with plea deal
Cameron Dick
Queensland Attorney General, appealing light sentence for Watson
Walter Sofronoff
Queensland Solicitor General made the arguments for Cameron Dick at
sentencing appeal
Lawrence Springborg
Justice spokesman supports appeal of sentence
John-Paul Langbroek
Australia attorney opposing Watson sentence appeal
Peter Lyons
Brisbane Supreme Court judge sentenced Watson to 4-1/2 years
to be suspended after serving 11 months
Anna Bligh
DPP Premier, decision to boost budget to $21 million, sighting
Watson case as one of the reasons
Sgt. Glenn Lawrence
Australia law enforcement, conducted Gabe's interview
Kevin Gehringer
Australia law enforcement, detective conducted Gabe's interview
Constable Murdoch
Australian law enforcement, knowledge of tests on Gabe's
equipment and involvement with re-enactment
Donna Koch
Senior Constable Australian law enforcement, conducted tests on
Tina's equipment
David Glasgow
Australia's Coroner, who determined Gabe Watson should
stand trial
John Tate
Queensland crown attorney who presented prosecution evidence in
Colonial Inquest into Tina's death
Gary Campbell
Australia sergeant detective gave testimony at Coroner's Inquest
Professor Williams
Pathologist who performed Tina's autopsy
Brad Flynn
Alabama law enforcement, worked the case in the U.S. in
cooperation with Australian law enforcement
Steve Zillman
Gabe Watson's attorney who represented him at Coroner's
Inquest in 2008
Martin Burns
Gabe Watson's attorney who represented him at sentencing appeal
hearing in July 2009
 Eric Langley
Attorney for Old Republic, travel insurance company Gabe Watson
tried to sue.
Bob Austin w/
Bohanon & Belt
Gabe Watson's attorneys who represented him in travel insurance
against Old Republic


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